Entertainment industry X Social Causes X Hearts of Corporations = Global Impact.


Who We Are 

ConnectingYOUto is a public relations firm that leverages the intersection of socially responsible businesses, community activation, and high-profile individuals desirous of making a difference. Since 2004, the company has been identifying and responding to social & health issues by spearheading or co-producing campaigns that provide real solutions and create opportunities for vulnerable communities and/or groups. Its aim is to play a role in, disruptively, shifting the narrative towards more consistent goodness through collaborative efforts – ConnectingYOUto is a fulfilling playground.


We got you covered

Media outlets have always been amazing supporters of our efforts and, CYT is forever thankful for that!! There are thousands of individuals, with the biggest hearts who work at these outlets and it is always fulfilling and joyful to discuss how we can make a difference together. CYT is thankful to each one. Thanks for your continued willingness to help amplify important social and health messages and, at times, for collaborating with us on campaigns. Check out some of the features of CYT efforts over the years.

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